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Merchant Banking and Investments

A major part of FrontStreet's activities is in the Merchant Banking and Investments area. Here the focal point is to identify, structure and negotiate acquisitions. We provide investment capital of our own and make participation interests available to a very select group of co-investors. Post acquisition we supply the management resources necessary to fully exploit the target's potential.

We believe that an acquisition should always be a win-win for buyer and seller alike.

FrontStreet has been instrumental in identifying a number of major investment opportunities in the energy industry. It has been the lead developer and negotiator on transactions in the refining and marketing, pipeline, ethanol and power sectors. Sellers and investors alike have enjoyed a strong working relationship with FrontStreet.  They have shown their confidence by involving the firm in multiple business opportunities.

Win-Win Investing

One thing that sets FrontStreet apart from other acquisition oriented firms is that we believe in complete financial transparency in the bid process. To this end, on any acquisition that we think meritorious enough to pursue we will give to the seller a valuation report and supporting spreadsheets that include 1) our analysis of future cash flows, 2) an analysis of future costs and expenses, 3) the valuation benchmarks we are relying on, and 4) the discount rate we are using.

Long experience in the Mergers & Acquisitions business has taught us that an atmosphere of scrupulous honesty and openness is most conducive to success. We believe that an acquisition should always be a win-win for buyer and seller alike.